Special Touches

Let the celebration begin! Andre Chreky, the salon spa believes when it comes to marriage, it’s worth going the extra mile. To make your wedding (and the days leading up to it) all the more magical, we offer a range of thoughtful bridal services. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ask! We’re open to suggestions.

Girls’ “Night Out” Day Spa Party

Drop the hint: you’d rather spend your last single hours being pampered — not hammered. A night of drinking and dancing, hooting and hollering may be fun at the time… but it wreaks havoc on your looks! The Andre Chreky team can help you (or your maid-of-honor) plan an unforgettable party, complete with manicures, pedicures and makeup tips. You can even bring your own refreshments… after all, it is a party!

Complimentary Extras

Upon your request, we would be happy to provide:

  • Bridal Coordinator, the designated go-to person who will coordinate your appointments, answer your questions, and help calm your nerves
  • Bridal Survival Kit (for the bride)
  • Private Dressing/Relaxation Room (advance reservation required)

Offsite Visits

If you prefer, we’ll take our show on the road! We can bring our signature bridal services to your home or wedding venue, within five miles of Andre Chreky, the salon spa, for an additional fee of $150 per service provider. Further distances are possible by arrangement with our Bridal Coordinator.

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