10 Years
7,920 Hours

These numbers tell a story: the story of Salon-A-Thon. But impressive as they are, the numbers don’t tell the whole story. The heart of the tale is about people — the extraordinarily generous professionals at Andre Chreky, the salon spa, and the countless children whose lives we’ve helped transform.

Salon-a-Thon is a round-the-clock marathon of snipping, primping, and pampering all in the name of philanthropy. On the first Saturday in December, our staff contributes every penny they earn during Salon-A-Thon to Children’s Hospital National Medical Center. From dawn until midnight, our joint is jumping as clients line up for pre-holiday beauty treatments that are all the more beautiful because they make a difference in children’s lives. Since we launched Salon-A-Thon in 1998, our team has invested nearly eight thousand hours and raised three-quarters of a million dollars for one of Washington’s worthiest organizations. Proceeds from Salon-A-Thon have helped subsidize the hospital stays of many uninsured children and have supported the funding of TASA, an in-hospital organization for children at risk.

We’re proud of the contributions we’ve made through Salon-A-Thon. And we’ve enjoyed a decade’s worth of fun in the process. Live entertainment, delicious snacks, even the occasional celebrity appearance have added a joyful sense of surprise and celebration to our annual event.

Children's National Medical Center
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